Friday, April 9, 2010

More Ukulele Love!

"The Way I Am"

"Laughing With"


Meg said...

Sarah, I'm so excited that you have been blogging! I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. "Laughing With" was sososososososoo beautiful! I'm so excited that you play the uke! A lot of my friends watched your "Everybody" video and were super impressed! <3

Sarah said...

Thanks Mergan!

I'm really obsessed with "Laughing With" so I'm glad I could kind of pull it off!

Thanks for passing on "Everybody" to your friends for me. I had a good run in that contest. I think I was like, #27 or somewhere around there which isn't too shabby out of the 160(ish) videos that were part of the contest!

I read your post about the house project this morning. I fell asleep shortly after and therefore didn't leave a comment but the last thing I watch before my long nap was the Welcome Home Son video! It was very beautiful. I'm excited to see how your project progresses!