Saturday, December 1, 2007

to be understood is to understand...

So I am really supposed to be writing a paper about the history of women in education. It is only supposed to be 8-10 pages long but for some reason it is like pulling teeth for me to write this thing... when was it due you ask? well... it was due YESTERDAY.

I went to class and sighed sheepishly and Jane (the absolute angel of understanding and generosity) said "Do you need an extension?" I said "Yes please, Thank you."

I know I should be really glad I get more time to write this paper but really I just feel like a big jerk. I've had the syllabus all semester and should have started the paper long ago, but when did I start? At 8 pm the night before it was due. I don't know why Jane would allow slacker students like me a chance to succeed when I truly don't deserve it.

I guess that's a good puzzle for me to think about as a future teacher...
it shouldn't be the goal of a teacher to want people to fail... yet there should be definitely be high standards and due dates... I don't want to get walked all over... sigh*

I need to figure out what I think about such things as extentions and re-takes for my philosophy of beliefs... I want to be merciful but not to have kids constantly taking advantage of my lax due dates.

I guess all of this will come with experience... onward!

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