Sunday, December 16, 2007


This is a prose poem by Vern Rutsala
I thought it was really clever and I'm basically feeling like sleep kicked MY ass last night... ugh.
So here it is,


Though winners are rarely declared this is an arduous contest
similar, some feel, to boxing. This fact can be readily corroborated
by simply looking at people who have just awakened. Look at their
red and puffy eyes, the dishevelled hair, the slow sore movements,
and their generally dazed appearance. Occasionally, as well, there
are those deep scars running across their cheeks. Clearly, if
appearances don't lie, they have been engaged in some damaging
and dangerous activity and furthermore have come out the losers.
If it's not dangerous- and you still have doubts- why do we hear
so often the phrase, He died in his sleep?

-Vern Rutsala

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